ugg bailey 8 Questions With Italian Footwear Designer Erika Lamperti

ugg boots clearance 8 Questions With Italian Footwear Designer Erika Lamperti

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Today, we chatting with Erika Lamperti, the passionate and highly creative designer and founder behind the Lamperti Milano fashion brand. What encouraged your interest in “ancient times and mysteries”?

The interest I cultivated in ancient literature and mysteries derives from my innate passion for books coupled with the high school classical studies, which allowed me to further my knowledge. The inspiration behind my collection is primary and essential to understand the concept and the styles we are presenting on the market.

3) Are there any myths or stories that especially inspire you?

I always been extremely fascinated by very old popular traditions, manuscripts and myths. Greek and Latin stories, including the Symposium, the Odyssey and Catullus poetry are among my favourite readings, as well as the Bible Old Testament whichencloses endless parables that are still incredibly extraordinarily contemporary.

4) How did you come to blend that passion with footwear design?

Blending absolute abstract theories with physical structures was a courageous challenge I gradually embraced with my brother Federico at the end of 2013, aiming to lendan touch to the Italian elegant footwear tradition.

5) Why sketch out your designs in a journal?

Most canvases are white, yet still most canvases are different. Sketching in aPaperblanksbook is an inspirational experience which adds a value and preciousness to every sketch and idea that comes to my mind and pencil. Also,
ugg bailey 8 Questions With Italian Footwear Designer Erika Lamperti
I never seen something this close to our brand identity. Seems they were invented for us!

6) Why use the small journal format?

The small journal is practical yet romantic, handy yet classy. It allows me to design and sketch literally everywhere trains, buses, cars, benches, beds, lifts, airplane seats keeping it discreet.

7) You mentioned that empowering and inspiring women is important to you how does this fit in with your business and creations?

Designing shoes for a specific woman, who sometimes could even only be an ideal, is a lot more inspiring. I like to address with our colours and stories those empowering female types sporting strong attitudes in their lives or fields. Today I conjure up a blend of Bianca Jagger, Tess of the d and Cristina Fernandez.

8) Do you have any advice you’d like to share with aspiring artists and designers?

Keep on knowing your evolving self and be brave enough to frequently step out of your comfort zone being sure to always be carrying your favourite book with you.
ugg bailey 8 Questions With Italian Footwear Designer Erika Lamperti